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National Ice Blasting Service (NIBS)

All Inclusive Services LLC is dba National Ice Blasting Service (NIBS). This division of All Inclusive Services specializes in cleaning in thousands of applications with frozen CO2. Some of these applications include:

• Industrial Cleaning
• Surface Peparation
• Mold Remediation
• Fire/Smoke Restoration
• Gum Removal
• Paint Stripping
• Grafitti Removal & Much More!

We have preformed these services and more in these fields which include:

• Aviation
• Food Processing
• Manufacturing Companies
• Automotive
• Fuel Distributions
• Residental & More

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National Ice Blasting Service can also be found at We have a certified LLCRC team with years of experience in both Commercial and Residential applications. Our team with a background of cleaning factory equipment with chemicals, pressure washers, and pumping away waste introduced to Cold Jet®. With this remarkable means of cleaning, we can save our customers money by:

• Eliminating downtime in production in most settings.
• Removing costly disposal fees.
• Giving more of a thorough cleaning without damaging the equipment or electrical components.
• Eliminating secondary cost.

Examples - Cleaning electric motors on factory equipment may help reduce overheating on not only the equipment, but the whole factory itself could directly or indirectly cause higher cooling bills in the summer or even heat exhaustion to employees.

We have performed tests to show our customers in such settings the savings they get over a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does dry ice blasting work?

Unlike other types of blasting media that have a chiseling effect, dry ice blasting actually penetrates the contaminant utilizing kinetic energy from the high-velocity dry ice particles. It creates mini-explosions upon striking the substrate and lifting the unwanted material from the surface. This non-abrasive process is commonly referred to as "Impact Flushing."

Why would I use dry ice blasting cleaning instead of a traditional blasting media?

Positive reasons for incorporating dry ice processes are numerous. First, with government bans and regulations increasing on chemical cleaning, dry ice is an environmentally safe and effective alternative to current cleaning methods, approved even in the food industry. Also. you will increase revenue by lower disposal costs, not to mention the high-end expense savings from product replacement damage incurred overtime by blasting with less friendly, abrasive media like sand, water, soda, walnut shell, bead, etc. In addition, most applications can be cleaned on-line without disassembly, and without the worry of any grit entrapment residue, freeing up hours of employee labor, ultimately saving your business countless time and money. So you may want to ask yourself..... Why would I use dry Ice Blasting to clean?

Does dry ice blasting freeze the contaminate?

No. This is a common misconception regarding technology. Contaminants are not frozen in place and then struck with a hammer to crack and then to fall on the floor. One should keep in mind that this is a cleaning and not a freezing process. The contaminate is penetrated and removed from the substrate being blasted. When the CO2 hits by a force, It turns into a gas.

Can you use dry ice to clean Hot Tools on-line?

Absolutely! In fact, with most applications involving hot tooling, the removal rate is actually increased due to thermal shock. A cool tool will typically take a bit longer to clean.

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